Welcome to Shawn On Food!

I’m Shawn, a home cook and lover of food. This is my place on the web to talk about recipes, ingredients, gadgets and anything related to food, cooking, and being on food (eating!).

There are many reasons why I decided to start a food blog.

Years ago I started making a family recipe book. I would encourage everyone to do something like this especially so loved family recipes aren’t lost. I decided to expand on the recipe book by making this site and sharing the recipes and documenting more that I haven’t gotten around to.

I like to keep recipes as simple as possible. I’m interested in health and avoid using unneeded high calories ingredients. I’m not afraid to use fat and sugar either but prefer healthier options.

I’m a big fan of the TV show Good Eats and still holding onto hope for new episodes or a least a mini series maybe with Alton Brown and Bobby Flay on cooking with peppers. You hearing this AB?  So anyhow one thing I learned from the show is the extent to which cooking veggies differently can affect how good they are… or aren’t. I’ve been on a mission to eat healthier and part of that has been figuring out ways to cook vegetables that I really like. If you aren’t a fan of veggies you need to give some recipes I post with veggies a try because I won’t eat veggies if they don’t taste good.

Some of these recipes are simple but really good and I’m very excited to share them. Many will include options so you can adjust them to your liking and I do my best to keep them uncomplicated.