How to Render Chicken Fat

Chicken fat in a glass containerDid you know you can render the fat from chicken skin and use it in cooking?  This rendered fat is also called schmaltz. If I’m making chicken and remove the skin for whatever reason I will render the fat from it to be used later.

I don’t usually have a lot so I just put it in a pan or pot over medium low heat until it is crispy and golden.  I’ll put a paper towel on a plate and put the skin there until it cools some.  The skin makes a nice treat and dogs love it too.  I’ll pour the fat into a glass storage container using a fine wire mesh straining to keep any little pieces from getting in.

Rendering chicken fat in a panIf you have a lot of chicken skin to render there are lots of how to videos on YouTube. Most I’ve watched add some water which will be cooked off.

I store the chicken fat in a glass container in the refrigerator.  It keeps a long time and will turn solid while in the refrigerator.