Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

This is an easy to make Apple Butter BBQ Sauce using Apple Butter and your favorite BBQ sauce.

I like to use Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet and Spicy BBQ sauce but any one will do.

I use my Home Made Apple Butter.

There’s no need to heat it, just mix together until combine and that’s it.

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce

I like this a lot for chicken fingers. I make what I need rather than using a full bottle of BBQ sauce and this is why I use ratios instead of measurements.
Course: BBQ sauce
Cuisine: American
Keyword: apple butter bbq sauce, bbq sauce


  • 2 parts BBQ sauce
  • 1 part Apple Butter


  • Mix BBQ sauce and Apple Butter together until combined.
  • That’s it and it’s ready.


I like to use Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy BBQ sauce for this even though it’s not my favorite by itself. Use whatever you want. All that matters is you like it!