Mad Hatter Sweet Peppers

Mad Hatter Sweet PeppersI have a vegetable garden and love to grower peppers. I grew these first in 2017. They are small and look like they would be hot  peppers with a lot of heat and capsicum but they aren’t. They are sweet like a bell pepper.

You can eat them when green or ripened.  When ripened they are really good with a fruity flavor, possible better than a red bell pepper (my mom thinks so!).  They are about 2″ long.  I didn’t eat any green ones this year so I don’t know what the flavor was like and it’s at the end of the season so I will have to wait until next year.

If you can’t grow some I hope you will find them in a farmers market.

Caution: Since they do look similar to some hot peppers make sure you are 100% certain you are buying the correct pepper. I’ve seen groceries store mislabel peppers often.

The Mad Hatter Pepper is a hybrid and an AAS Winner.  I’ve only bought them as plants and not sure if you can buy the seeds. When planting them they take around 85 days to maturity. Read more about them here: Pepper Mad Hatter F1

I’ll be growing these again.