Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

Wireless Remote Digital Meat Thermometer

This wireless remote digital meat thermometer is one of my favorite kitchen tools.

I use this when roasting meat in the oven, on the grill or when smoking meat.  With this tool, there is no reason to roast something as simple as a chicken for a specified amount of time hoping it’s not overcooked or opening the oven door to check the temp.  You can monitor the temp the entire time.

To use connect the probe to the base, insert the probe in your meat.  I go for the center.  Then turn the base and handset on.  The handset will show the current temp.  You can select between Fahrenheit and Celsius and select the type of meat and taste (temp) at which you want the alert to go off.

What if it doesn’t have the temp your want to cook to?  It allows you to set a custom temp though it’s not obvious this is possible.

How to set a custom temp by:

  1. Holding the mode button down until the temp starts flashing
  2. Press the min/sec (up/down) buttons to set the temp you want
  3. Press the mode button one time and your custom temp is set

Here’s what I like about it.

  • It alerts me at the temp I select which keeps me from over cooking and having dried out meat
  • I know the internal temp of what I’m roasting or smoking without opening the door and leaving heat out which would reduce the cooking time
  • It’s wireless so I can take it with me as I do other things
  • Allows me to monitor the temp which allows me to adjust the temp if I’m roasting at a low temp.  For example if I see it’s taking too long at 250°F based on when I need it done I can bump up the temp to 300°F or 350°F even.  When I make pulled pork I smoke it for 3-4 hours and finish in the oven and it’s very helpful to know the temp and be able to adjust so it gets done in time.  You can also bump the temp down if it’s getting done quicker than you need it too.

There are some that cost a little more with a better wireless range.  I get around 25ft with this, probably longer with fresh batteries.  This one is available at a really nice price but I would spend more if having a longer range is important to you.