Anaheim chile peppers

Green Anaheim peppers

Anaheim chiles are a favorite of mine.  If you don’t like green bell peppers you should try this pepper.  The taste is mild and doesn’t have the the “green” flavor you may not like with bell peppers.

According to Wiki pedia this is a mild variety of the New Mexico No. 9 chile pepper.

These pepperwiki pedis are usually green but you can leave let them rippen until they are red.  Here’s the differences.

  • Green – When green the flavor is mild and they are not hot.  This is how you find them in the store and how I use them.
  • Red – When starting to turn red and when fully red they become hotter.  The flavor is like a hot red bell pepper.  If you want them red you may not find them in a store and have to grow them yourself or know someone that grows them.