Apple Jelly or Grape Jelly BBQ Sauce

Apple BBQ sauce

Years ago there was a restaurant and bar in central PA called the Alpine and I always liked their BBQ (barbecue) sauce that came with the chicken fingers.

Eventually I figured out (or so I think) that it was a spicy BBQ sauce (maybe Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy) with some jelly added. I think they used grape jelly which I do sometimes especially when making Slow Cooker BBQ Meatballs with Grape Jelly.

For chicken and pulled pork I like using apple jelly better!  Try both and see what you prefer, they are both really good.



Apple Jelly or Grape Jelly BBQ Sauce
I like this a lot for pulled pork or chicken. I make what I need rather than using a full bottle of BBQ sauce and this is why I use ratios instead of measurements.
Recipe type: BBQ sauce
  • 2 parts BBQ sauce
  • 1 part Apple jelly or Grape jelly
  1. Combine BBQ sauce and jelly in a pan over medium-low heat until combined.
  2. Let cool and consume!
I like to use Sweet Baby Rays sweet and spicy bbq sauce for this even though it's not my favorite by itself. Use whatever you want. All that matters is you like it!